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Haikasoru finally launched.

And in May, a French sf site, ActuSF gave the interviews to a few Japanese authors (and a translator.)
I assume it is rare to see such detailed interviews with Japanese writers in the foreign countries. I admire the interviewer, Tony Sanchez for this challenging attempt. Please enjoy the articles below - all are written in French though.

http://www.actusf.com/spip/article-7671.html (With Nozomi Ohmori)
http://www.actusf.com/spip/article-7631.html (With Yusuke Kishi)
http://www.actusf.com/spip/article-7729.html (With Mariko Oohara)
http://www.actusf.com/spip/article-7716.html (With Osmau Makino)
http://www.actufantasy.com/spip/article-7717.html (With Toh Enjou)

I just found the interesting topic in ActuSF's forum: Japanese SF Cover. You can see a lot of Japanese covers.  Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, Hyperion by Dan Simmons and so on.
Someone also uploaded Korean covers. Compared with Japanese / US / Russian covers, why are the most quiet colors ? Hmmm, interesting.

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"Best Japanese SF 2008" is being published.

"Puppets On Superstrings : Best Japanese SF 2008" has come out last month. It is the second in Tokyo SogenSha's Best Japanese SF series.
The editors are two of the top names in Japanese SF (Also in Mystery fiction): Nozomi Ohmori (Born in 1961. A translator / reviewer) and Sanzou Kusaka (Born in 1968. A reviewer / anthologist / editor). Both have a long, great career.
*For years, Tokyo SogenSha and Hayakawa Publishing Corporation have been the two greatest SF publishers in Japan.
The cover.

In fact, publishing a Year's Best SF anthology was the first attempt ever since the history of Japanese SF started.
According to the postscript of last year's issue, once Yasutaka Tsutsui (1934-) edited 6 volumes: The Best of 1971, The Best of 1972, The Best of 1973, The Best of 1974, The Best of 1975 and The Best of the Sixties.
But that series was not an Annual Collection. All the 6 books were published within just 2 years (1975-1976).

I'd like to show you its Table of Contents. I added the years of the authors' births.
The works were gathered from various fields: mainstream-literature, mystery, horror and so on. Even the forms are various. This book includes Tanka poems, a journal, an essay and a manga! Ohmori explained they intended to select Speculative Fictions beyond the genres, and mentioned Judith Merril's "Year's Best SF."
 Again, I should say in advance that my translation skill is unreliable. I think paraphrasing some titles is necessary to help non-Japanese speakers's understanding. So I didn't translate literally. Anyways...

Introduction by Nozomi Ohmori
 “Knox Machine” by Rintarou Norizuki (1964-)
 “Amy's Defeat” by Takumi Hayashi (1961-)
 “One Pieces” by Mitsuhide Kabayama (1977-)
 “Dimension Scramble” by Yasumi Kobayashi (1962-) 
 “Soil as A Bed” by Yasumi Tsuhara (1964-)
 “Phalaenopsis” by Kaori Fujino (1980-)
 “Fractional Flats”  by Sachiko Kishino (1960-)
 “The Sleep Department”  by Mina Ishikawa (1980-)
 “Man Who Painted A Lady : A Mystery of Shinichi Hoshi”  by Hazuki Saisho (1963-)
 “Everything Done for Tuna” by Boichi (1973-)
 “Akiba Ninpou Chou” by Hideyuki Kurata (1968-)
 “Laughs in the Darkness” by Akira Hori (1944-)
 “Fly to a Blue Star” by Issui Ogawa (1975-)
 “Moonshine” by Enjoe Toh (1972-)
 “From Nothing, With Love.” by Keikaku Itoh (1974-2009)

 “Japanese SF scene in 2008” by Nozomi Ohmori
 Postscript by Nozomi Ohmori
 Indivisual story copyrights
 A list of honorable mentions
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Sorry, I'm not sure some information. They were beyond Google's power.

The list; published in SF World《科幻大王》

2009 Jan.
“Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers” (1987) by Lawrence Watt-Evans
 “The Copyright Notice Case” (1996) by Paul Levinson

2009 Feb.
“Shark” (2004) by Jean-Claude Dunyach

“Eight Episodes” (2006) by Robert Reed

2009 Apr.
“The Algorithms for Love” (2004) by Ken Liu
“Single-bit Error” (2009?) by Ken Liu

 2009 May
“Triceratops Summer” (2005) by Michael Swanwick
“VRM-547” (1990)by W.R.Thompson

2009 Jun.
“Press Ann” (1991) by Terry Bisson

2009 Jul.
“Soulmates” (2009?) by Mike Resnick & Lezli Robyn

The below list is about what were published in SF World for Translations 《科幻世界·译文版》.

2009 Feb.
“A Fable with Slips of White Paper Spilling from the Pockets” (2007) by Kevin Brockmeier
“The Gilded Chain” (1998) by Dave Duncan
“The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates” (2008) by Stephen King
“Bad Luck, Trouble, Death, and Vampire Sex” (2007) by Garth Nix
“The Quest for Creeping Charlie” (2008) by James Powell

2009 Mar.
“Scout's Honor” (2004) by Terry Bisson
“Interworld” (2007) by Neal Gaiman & Michael Reeves
“26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss” (2008) by Kij Johnson
“Kin” (2006) by Bruce McAllister
“Black Destroyer” (1939) by A. E. van Vogt
“The Dragon Masters” (1962) by Jack Vance

2009 Apr.
“Seafarer's Blood” (2009) by Albert E. Cowdrey
“Feast of Souls” (2007) by C. S. Friedman
(I couldn't find out the original title *1) by Edward C. Jones III
“Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War Again” (2007) by Garth Nix
“Ils Ne Passeront Pas” (1998) by Harry Turtledove
“The George Business” (1980) by Roger Zelazny
   *1: The title means “Spider”. But I had no chance to find the author's complete bibliography.

2009 May  *Featured on Cyberpunk movement. 
“Cyberpunk” (1983) by Bruce Bethke
An excerpt from Snow Crash (1992) by Neal Stephenson
“Spew” (1994) by Neal Stephenson
“Bicycle Repairman” (1996) by Bruce Sterling
“The Pardoner's Tale” (1987) by Robert Silverberg
“Little Worker” (1989) by Paul Di Filippo

2009 Jun.
“The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics” (2007) by Daniel Abraham
“The Python King's Treasure” (2000) by J. Gregory Keyes
“The City of the Singing Flame” (1981) by Clark Ashton Smith
“The Goddess on the Street Corner” (1953) by Margaret St. Clair

2009 Jul.
will be featured on George R.R. Martin
 8 stories will be published. 2 of them are from Tuff Voyaging series.


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This is a list about the translated stories published in a Russian SF magazine Esli.

2009 Feb.
“Dead on Departure”(1999) by David W. Hill
“Once in a Blue Moon” (2008) by William Gleason

2009 Mar
“Midnight Blue” (2008) by Will McIntosh
“Shotgun Seat” (2008) by Paul Carlson
“Article of Faith” (2008) by Mike Resnick
“Aristotle OS” (2007) by Tony Ballantyne
“Memorare” (2007) by Gene Wolfe

2009 Apr.
“A Ten-Pound Sack of Rice” (2007) by Richard Mueller
“The Night We Buried Road Dog” (1993) by Jack Cady

2009 May
“Pride and Prometheus” (2008) by John Kessel
“What You Are About To See” (2008) by Jack Skillingstead
“The Room of Lost Souls” (2008) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“Re/Creation” (2008) by Oz Drummond

2009 Jun.
“Horse Racing” (2008) by Mary Rosenblum
“Divining Light” (2008) by Ted Kosmatka
“Smart Fashions” (2008) by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre
“The Exoanthropic Principle” (2008) by Carl Frederick

2009 Jul.
“The Certainty Principle” (2009?) by Colin P Davies
“Listening For Submarines” (2008) by Peter Higgins


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2009 Seiun Award Winners

Winners of this year's Seiun Awards were announced at a ceremony July 4th, 2009 in Hotel New Shiobara, Tochigi Prefecture during T-con2009, the 48th Japan SF Convention.
It's a shame that i couldn't attend.

Japanese  Novel: Harmony by Project Itoh (Hayakawa Publishing, INC)

(Note: His pen name, Keikaku Itoh means Project Itoh. Thus when his name written in English, it is written so.)
I'd like to write a few things about this man had the funny pseudonym.  Keikaku Itoh (1974-2009) published his debut novel Gyakusatsukikan (means Genocidal Organ) in 2007. It was a millitary SF-ish story narrated by a sensitive captain of a Special Forces. (But, yeah, it is much different from the ordinary action-adventure story!)
Definitely it was one of the most important first books in the year. Not only in the science fiction genre, it was regarded as a notable work also in the field of mystery fiction. Even mainstream literature fans  had an eye on him. 
Harmony is his 3rd novel. It's so sad he passed away from cancer on March 20th. I heared his family received the award.

Japanese Short Story:  "Peer Peer Douga at the South Pole" by Housuke Nojiri (Hayakawa Publishing, INC)
One of his novels will be translated into English and published in this September as Usurper of the Sun from VIZ Media's imprint Haikasoru. The awarded story is comedy. The novel is not.

Foreign Language Novel: Spin by Robert Charles Wilson (Tokyo Sogensha)
Translated by Mogi Takeshi.

Foreign Language Short Story: "The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate" by Ted Chiang  (Hayakawa Publishing, INC)
Translated by Nozomi Ohmori.

The result has been posted to here:http://www.sf-fan.gr.jp/awards/2009result.html
*It's the official website of The Federation of the Science Fiction Fan Groups of Japan.
Please check the rest of the winners on this page!

The English article in Wikipedia was also updated already.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seiun_Award

Sorry for neglecting my blog over a few months. Ahh, it's crazy to think that it's July. I'm wondering where all of the time flied away...
(14:57 PM) I found some typos and corrected them.

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 I found the list in Ukraine's SF convention PORTAL's website. It was originally made by  M.Nazarenko.
 PORTAL was held on 3rd-5th April in Kiev.  These books were translated into Russian in 2008.
 I added the cover image to some books. I took all the images from OZON.ru. If it is inappropriate in something (like copyrights), please let me know. I will delete them.  I really love the sense of Russian cover art!

 Rainbows End  by Vernor Vinge (ACT)
      *Note: The publisher name is pronounced AST.

Fragile Things
by Neal Gaiman (ACT)

The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson (Geleos)

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Third Annual Collection edited by Gardner Dozois (Azbuka-Klassika)

A Scattering of Jades by Alexander C. Irvine (ACT)

Omega by Jack McDevitt (ACT)

Un Lun Dun by China Mieville (Eksmo)
     *Note: This book is one in the series Book Revolution. Other authors appeared in the series are Charles Bukowski, Martin Miller and Irvine Welsh.

The Scar by China Mieville (Eksmo)

Her Majesty Dragon by Naomi Novik (ACT)

The Extremes by Christopher Priest (Eksmo)
     *Note: This was included in the series Intellectual Bestsellers.

The Plot Against America by Phillip Roth (Limbus Press)

The Terror  by Dan Simmons (Eksmo)

The Confusion by Neal Stephenson (ACT)

Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart (ACT)

The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon (Amphora)

The Troika by Stepan Chapman (Y-Faktoriya)
     *Note: or U-Factoriya? I couldn't find the official website. It is possibly a publisher in Yekaterinburg.


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[NEWS FLASH] Seiun Awards Short-List

The shortlist of Seiun Awards was announced yesterday (11th Apr). The site for voting is here.
This award is voted by attendees of the Japan Science Fiction Convention. The results will be released the first weekend in July as part of the convention. The vote will be close on 18th May.
Caution:  I translated all titles into English by myself temporarily. If I will find their official English titles, I will correct this entry. Well, I know I can't be a good godmother. I don't have a gift for naming the titles... Anyways, plz enjoy.
Japanese Novel Section
From The New World by  Yusuke Kishi (Kodansha)
The Deity Beast Wars by Masaki Yamada (Tokuma Shoten Publishing)
Harmony by  Keikaku Itou (Hayakawa Publishing)
The Red Star by Fumio Takano (Hayakawa Publishing)
God's Paradox by Shinji Kimoto (Kadokawa Haruki Corporation)
The Record of The Dead Dragons 2: The Song Curses Everything by Makoto Henri  (Tokuma Shoten Publishing)
Reiko-chan and The Kamaboko Factory by Yusaku Kitano (Kobunsha Publishing)
     *Note: Kamaboko is Japanese food. It's steamed fish paste.

Japanese Short Story Section
“From the Nothing, with Love” by Keikaku Itou (SF Magazine Apr 2008)
"Peer Peer Douga at the South Pole” by Housuke Nojiri (SF Magazine Apri & May 2008)
     *Note: Nico Nico Douga is a Japanese video sharing website. The author set it as the story's core idea.
“Punishment No.0” by Naka Saijou (SF Japan 2008 Spring)
      *Note: SF Japan is a seasonal Japanese SF magazine. All the contributions are written in Japanese. There is no translation.
“Palimpsest, or The Eight Stories Which Overwritten Again and Again”  by Toh Enjou (from Imaginary Engines: Best Japanese SF 2007)
      *Note: A new SF Year's Best-ish Anthology series, Best Japanese SF started last year. 
“Cardiospermum Halicacabum Temporis” by Fujita Masaya (SF Magazine May 2008)
“The Knox Machine” by Rintaro Norizuki (Yasei Jidai vol.54 May 2008)
      *Note: Yasei Jidai is Kadokawa Group Publishing's literally magazine, focuses on the entertainment fictions. It isn't fettered with genre. So they publish everything: Mystery, Adventure, Historical and Romance stories.
“A Drum and Fife Band's Attack” by Aki Misaki  (from the collection A Drum and Fife Band's Attack)
Foreign Novel Section
Spin by Robert Charles Willson (Translator: Takeshi Mogi, Tokyo Sogensha, 2008 Oct)
The Ghost Brigates by John Scalzi (Translator: Masayuki Uchida, Hayakawa Publishing, 2008 Jun)
Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds (Translator: Naoya Nakahara, Hayakawa Publishing, 2008 Aug)
Light by M. John Harrison (Translator: Kazuko Onoda, Kokusho Kankokai Corporation, 2008 Aug)
The Urth of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe (Translator: Hiroyuki Okabe, Hayakawa Publishing, 2008 Aug)
Sun of Suns by Karl Schroeder (Translator: Naoya Nakahara, Hayakawa Publishing, 2008 Nov)
Seeker by Jack McDevitt (Translator: Hiroshi Kaneko, Hayakawa Publishing, 2008 Oct)
Foreign Short Story Section
“The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate” by Ted Chiang (Translator: Nozomi Omori, SF Magazine Jan 2008)
“The Cambist and Lord Iron : A Fairy Tale of Economics” by Daniel Abraham (Translator: Ichida Izumi, SF Magazine Dec 2008)
“A Billion Eves” by Robert Reed (Translator: Naoya Nakahara, SF Magazine March 2008)
“All Seated on the Ground” by Connie Willis (Translator: Nozomi Omori, SF Magazine Dec 2008)
“The Summer Isles” by Ian R. MacLeod (Tranlator: Youichi Shimada, from the collection The Summer Isles, Hayakawa Publishing, Jan 2008)
      *Note: This collection was edited in Japan. 
“Singing My Sister Down” by Margo Lanagan (Translator:Chiori Sada, from the collection Black Juice, Kawade Shobo Shinsha,Publishers, May 2008)
There are 4 other sections: Movie, Comic, Artist, Nonfiction. Sorry for skipping them.

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January Issues (2009)

I know there is a Korean SF magazine named "Fantastique". Unfortunately, I can't read Korean so can't introduce it. Anybody knows how it's like?

I subscribe to Hayakawa's SF Magazine only. So I can't get the other magazines' information directly. I just check each official websites and the awsome databases. (Yeah, I am the unrealiable narrator. :P)
*Chinese SF database: http://ctsffdb.sfw-cd.com/index.asp
*Russian SF database: http://fantlab.ru/
I really want to give claps to the fans who post and maintain them. Both are very useful and interesting!

The List : What appeared in January? 
  Example : Title (when originally published in) by Author

"Esli" is a Russian SF magazine. It was launched in 1991.

"Pump Six" (2008) by Paolo Bacigalupi
"Days of Wonder" (2008) by Geoff Ryman
"The Late Sam Boone" (2008) by Bud Sparhawk
"Beneath Sunlit Shallows" (2008) by Derek Künsken

Hayakawa's "SF Magazine" is a Japanese SF magazine. 2009 is its 50th anniversary year!
In every issue, it sets a theme. The subject for January issue was William Gibson. Because Spook Country was translated and published then. But there were NO stories by Gibson himself in it. Instead, a few cyberpunk writer's stories were published.

"Kiosk" (2007) by Bruce Sterling
"Jipi and the Paranoid Chip" (1997) by Neal Stephenson

"SF World" (or "Kehuan Shijie") is a Chinese SF magazine.

End of an Era (1994) by Robert J. Sawyer
"The Matter of Seggri" (1994) by Ursula K. Le Guin
A fearture on Robert Reed
"A Billion Eves" (2006)
"The Visionaries" (2008)

"SF King" (or "Kehuan Dawang") is a Chinese SF magazine.

"Alastair Baffle's Emporium of Wonders" (2008) by Mike Resnick
"Ram Shift Phase 2" (2005) by Greg Bear
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Here is warm, a sleepy climate...

Cherry blossoms start blooming.
I've been busy ; gotta write some reviews for the fanzines. And just start reading "The Gone-Away World" by Nick Harkaway. It will be a tough reading for me. But yet I can't wait to reach the climax. :D


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科幻大王 (SF King) was launched in 1994. It is a Chinese SF magazine. It contains SF comics, short stories, articles about movies and so on. But it also publishes a few translated stories in each issue.
This fresh magazine obviously wants fresh fictions. On the other, SF World mainly chooses the stories from F&SF, Asimov's and Analog. Or the awarded works. 

2008 #1
"Rosetta Stone" (2000, Artemis)  by Fred Lerner
2008 #2
"Radiant Doors" (1998) by Michael Swanwick 
2008 #3
"The Meeting" (1972) by Frederik Pohl / Cyril M Kornbluth
"Long Winter's Nap" (2006) by Catherine Shaffer
'Hello,' Said the Stick" (2002)  by Michael Swanwick 
2008 #4
"The Protected" (2001) by Paul Levinson
"Elmo’s Sojourn" (part 1) (2006, Bewildering Stories) by Walt Trizna
2008 #5
"Elmo’s Sojourn" (part 2) (2006, Bewildering Stories) by Walt Trizna
"Outr Lady of the Sauropods" (1980) by Robert Silverberg

2008 #6
"Firewall" (2008, Transhuman (Baen)) by David D. Levine
2008 #7
"Ersatz Eternal" (1972) by A. E. van Vogt
"One-Three-Seven" (2004) by Dinker Charak (originally published in Indian monthly webzine Adbhut. It is expired now.)
2008 #8
"Spiders" (2008)  by Sue Burke
"Time, Art & Criticism" (2007) by Paul Trembling (originally published in a British website: :www.short-stories.co.uk )
2008 #9
"What Drives Cars" (2008)  by Carl Frederick
"For Solo Cello, Op. 12" (2007, COSMOS) by Mary Robinette Kowal
2008 #10
"The Big Guy" (2007, Jim Baen's Universe) by Mike Resnick
"Pride" (2007, Fast Forward 1 (Pyr))by Mary A.Turzillo
2008 #11
"Rebecca's Locket" (2008)  by S. L. Gilbow
"Henry James, This One's For You" (2005, Subterranean #2) by Jack McDevitt
"Draw" (2007) by Pati Nagle
2008 #12
"Another Perfect Day" (2008) by Steven Popkes
"House 1.0" (2007, http://www.towndrunkmag.com/) by Kenneth Yu


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